Kristen Andrews

Kristen Andrews



Online Gaming Review Specialist, Editor & Expert in Casino Analysis


Kristen Andrews brings a wealth of experience and a solid educational background to the world of online casino reviews. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from a prestigious institution, she possesses a deep understanding of the technological intricacies behind digital gaming platforms. Kristen's journey into online casino gambling began during her tenure as a software developer, where she developed a keen interest in exploring the intersection of technology and entertainment. This fascination led her to the world of online casinos, where she uncovered the science behind the games and the mechanics driving player engagement. Over the years, Kristen has honed her analytical skills and expertise through hands-on experience and continuous learning. Her reviews offer a comprehensive perspective on various online casinos, providing players with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their gaming experience. Kristen Andrews' distinguished background and extensive experience make her a trusted authority in the online casino community. Her commitment to excellence and impartiality ensures that her reviews are a reliable resource for players seeking reputable and rewarding gaming experiences in the digital landscape.